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Hi, so from what I am gathering on this board, it is best to go with a cheaper priced nylon carpet instead of paying for any polyester carpet. I want to confirm because we bought a small home 1290 sq ft, that has original 25 year old carpet. we don't have a lot of money to invest on flooring (has original lanolium in kitchen and bathrooms in not bad of a condition) we had no idea that carpet was so expensive! we are thinking of keeping our 80's nasty carpet and just getting it steamed cleaned =( for now. spending nearly 5-6k is a big invest for us (this estimate includes entry vinyl for small kitchen and 2 small baths). not to mention, we don't want to make such investment and then find out that we bought cheap quality carpet. one of the carpet reps, told us this: why do you want nylon? it's not that big of a deal. not to mention, why spend a lot of money of nylon when you have small children's better to buy higher quality later on when the children are grown. most people change their carpets every 10 years anyway. plus, i can save you a lot more money if you buy poly carpets instead of nylon. with nylon, you are going to pay the price and get entry level carpet. if you go with poly, you can splurge and get a way nicer carpet (way softer) for a lot less. any advise on this situation? keep and clean the original until we can afford a nice nylon carpet? buy an entry level nylon? buy a good quality polyester carpet? buy a cheaper polyester (anything is better than what we have know) this is so confusing. please help
Category: Carpet Post By: NORMA ORTIZ (Iowa City, IA), 01/21/2019

The real problem with poly is it mats down. Figure it is a 5 year carpet. It will clean up fairly nice, but again expect to get traffic patterns within a year or so. The man told you to go a little pricier is probably right. The denser you can get the better as it will slow down the matting. You will get more face weight with poly for the same amount of money as with nylon, just not the wearability. The stores are being force fed poly by the mills. Daris

- Hannah Morris (Newark, NJ), 03/30/2019

thank you daris. if it was you, which would you buy being on a budget and knowing what you know? =)

- ROSA CHAPMAN (West Haven, CT), 04/29/2019

choocka chooka choo said: ? thank you daris. if it was you, which would you buy being on a budget and knowing what you know? =)Click to expand... Tough Question!! That being said, a cheap nylon will like we said it don't wear out it will ugly out. If cleaned it won't look much better. Builder grade nylon is good for 5 or six years. There are probably higher grade polys that will go beyond that. If it was a bedroom I'd probably go with the poly but in high traffic, no. Suggestion: When you pick out a specific product post the manufacturer, carpet name and the specs. We have sales people also on this board that may be of some help. Knowing your budget may also help. We knock poly more so it is the third or 10th time they have reintroduced it and it has been basically the same product each time with the same results. It all depends on how long you want it to last. Daris

- NEIL GRAVES (Bloomington, IN), 05/16/2019

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